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WTF! Color Tools?

Color tools
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Oh yeah he did!

WTF! (want to find)Have you ever looked at a color and wanted to know what it is? Have you ever been working on a project and couldn’t decide whether the colors go together? Well ask yourself this, wouldn’t it be great if all the color information was all in one place?, and it didn’t cost anything to use.
You can find the Color Tools by Clicking the WTF! logo on the left or
by Clicking Here or simply use the Main MENU (top right) and look under Tools then Color
Mongo has listened to me time and time again fluff about looking at yarns, paints, pens, fabrics etc. Trying to decide what colors I should use, so he designed and made programs to help me decide or even identify colors for my projects. It’s taken him months but it’s finally finished and OMGosh is it good!

The Picker is called that as you can upload an image and choose the color you like and it identifies it, not only that he has also added the RGB values so you can take them to a paint store and have it mixed.

The Palette is a program that you can upload an image and it identifies the main color within the image and you can also click on any color (it also works with the picker) and it will open a new tab with all the shades of that color. It sounds fantastic!
I will let Mongo explain the Pantone part as it’s a little confusing to me lol.

Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color space used in a variety of industries, 
primarily printing, though it is also used in the manufacture of paints, fabrics, and plastics. 

The Tools section also has a Color Blender which you can play with and create colors!
Each color identified has hex values, RGB values and HSL values, all of which are useful for any artistic needs. There is also a batch converter from RGB to hex and vice versa either one or a list all at once.

There are over 18,000 color names… I had no idea!
Mongo is also thinking of making a program that you can use to paint things, e.g., a picture of your home and what it would like painted different colors, or a crochet pattern that you can change the colors. You can find the Color Tools Here or simply use the Main MENU (top right) and look under CategoriesToolsWTF! Color Tools?
Thankyou sweetheart, I know you’ve worked very hard making this, I know it’s going to help me immensely, and I’m sure there are going to be many who feel the same way
Angel ❤