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Why Are So Many Keen For The Rapture?

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Its that time of the year when the shouts of “the end of the world is nigh”, “get
your self good with God”, “the rapture is coming, get ready”, and so on and so on…….

Why is it that this sort of talk gets people so animated for it to happen? well,
I think it may be that the world for some has become a sad place to be; wars and
rumours of wars, extreme weather patterns that have gained strength over the last
year or so, extreme poverty which is world wide, a lack of respect, discord, drugs,
and ridiculous news stories giving fame to the most insane things.

In my opinion the world has gone absolutely bonkers! In one country we have a man who believes he can starve his people, build nukes and threaten everyone, in another the main news story is kneeling, other countries are rapidly losing their identity, and there are still countriues where children are dying from malnutrition, disease and wars. At this point in time one would think it would be a peaceful and happy world. Many centuries of fighting and greed are still shining through as the major choice for life and if someone from the past could look to now it would seem as though humans have not learned a thing.

It makes me very sad that some people have become rich for no good reason,
parading around with huge pouts and altered ass cheeks, I mean really? there are
very hard working individuals that get a pitance while some broad with a huge ass
gets millions? it makes no sense to me, If someone can give me a good reason for it
id be happy to know. They have made them famous… its nuts!

Anyway, back to the end of the world, why are there some for this, well its simple, we have had enough of the major imbalance that has become our world, the abuse of those that are unable to defend themselves is a disgrace, how one human can harm another is horrible and for it to be over will be wonderful, to have the wrongs right and to live in peace and harmony with no sickness or pain is something I am looking forward to. It does sound fabulous doesnt it, and the catch, well there is no catch, just to be kind and have faith and follow in the footsteps of Yeshua.

I watched a video on everyones favourite website, it was all about a sign
in the heavens, a sign from Revelation 12:5 that was in the stars last saturday the
23rd september 2017, if you search that date there is plenty of links to it and other
information about it. I found this video very informative, alot of research had gone
into it and I know this as I have watched this person talking about it for many years,
and know that he has many videos about this subject. It was this date that many had
hoped for the Rapture.. the catching up, the taking away, etc, and it came and went.

Im sure there were many very disappointed people, I wasnt, I think there are many
more people to be saved. I trust that YHWH knows what he is doing and all we can do is
try to be ready for when he is.
According to many websites and videos a new date has been announced to the masses, September 30th is now the “window of opportunity”… all i know is that YHWH wants us to be ready with our lamps full, so that is my focus. I do however appreciate these people and their readiness to make videos, the more info out there, the more opportunities for someone who has never heard of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua (Jesus) to be saved.

If you search the internet you will find there have been many predictions, ive seen some
all the way back to early BC times, it is fascinating to see them. They seem to have
increased over the last hundred years, (and if you look back 100 years the world is
phenomenaly different) and are increasing as time goes on. So I will admit that it does
look like we are nearing end times, but as I said before, I will continue to wait
patiently and try to be the best I can be (except chocolate… I canno control my addiction
to chocolate!). I understand the “wanting” but the current need is to be calm and hold faith.

Let me finish by saying that I myself are pretty excited to see our Lord, Yeshua when
he comes down through the clouds to meet us, it will be a glorious sight to behold!
If you would like to know more about our Lord and Saviour Yeshua, our beloved Jesus Christ,
please ask, he would love to meet you too.

Angel ❤