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Rant and Ramble Baby Yeah!

Cranky Angel
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I have been going through some serious writers block of late and I’m guessing it’s from all the crazy crap that’s been going on in the world…

Where do i start, i guess the theys might be as good as any place to, so here goes; has the world gotten so turned over that people are offended by the most ridiculous things, he, she, him, her WHY? Are people feeling so unappreciated that they feel the need to change biology to be recognized? I mean, come on, i don’t care if someone feels as though they were born in the wrong body, or that they feel their label is off, that’s their business, I’m all for live and let live, so why do the rest of us have to be pulled in to their whole stuffed up view? Isn’t there enough rubbish going on that requires more serious attention??? Farmers in Australia are going through some serious stuff and you want us to worry about how your label is pronounced, Duck off! Children are going without food, getting mistreated all over the world and your they is more important… EXCUSE ME? WHAT? I’m completely baffled why this garbage even gets air time…

Errr, next; so today i read that there are children, yes you read that right, children who are so addicted to a video game that their parents are at their wits end on how to deal with it, i think the games name is called next week or some two week reference. I’ve even seen that some of the kids ages are around 7… WAIT… WHAT?! 7 years of age and addicted to a game that requires a murderous rampage of sorts and parents are asking how to deal with it??? REALLY? here’s a suggestion you mindless dingbats, TURN THE INTERNET OFF!!! Truly, please do it, for the sake of humanity, TURN IT OFF, make the wee kiddies go outside, let them get some exercise, ENOUGH ALREADY!!! And to top it off these thoughtless goonberry parents even give their children money to buy things to enhance their gaming… GOOD (garbled unrecognizable words) GRIEF!

Sorry for the obscene language… I am a little peeved.

What on earth has happened, the world is really on a short trip to out there with all the stupidity, the challenges like the one where fools get out of their moving vehicle to dance to some hideous song (and actually harm themselves and possibly others) with their thoughtless behavior, really, challenge? Maybe the creators of these so called challenges are trying to lower the world population by advertising these behaviors as cool so as to remove stupid people… I don’t know… maybe if they survive playing video games for years they get to level up doing these challenges… TOP SCORE… more like GAME OVER!

Ok, one more… I can’t believe there are that many things to complain about in one day, but believe me, there is way more, but I am not going to load you all up with too many in one go, it’s too mind numbing haha.

So, my last rant for this evening is (well it’s a few in one) the idiots that continue to speed, while a: picking their nose, b: playing with their phone and c: eating and drinking. No word of a lie, I have witnessed hundreds of people this week alone speeding by while doing one or all of the above things, if you’re wondering if it’s possible to drive and play with your phone and pick your nose and eat it all at the same time, then YES, it’s possible; absolutely ridiculous and down right freaking foolish. Please, please, please, slow the hell down, put the damn phone away; your friend Cheryl can wait to hear about your new lipstick later, trust me, she can! And if she cannot, then she is a selfish beastie (that’s beastie not bestie) and doesn’t care about yours or anyone else’s safety (sorry if your name is Cheryl and your safety conscious, this is just an example, ok).

Now this is the part where i bring in the big guns, his name is Jesus and i don’t care if you’re happy about that or not, he will lead you in the right direction, you need to get yourself right with him, the way the world has turned upside down, (good is bad, bad is good, etc.,) all the prophecy stuff is huge and ladies and gentlemen, and of course the theys, if you don’t believe me get a Bible and take a good read, it’s all there, all of it, and best of all check out John 3:16.

Despite my ramblings and all, I love you all.

Angel ❤