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No Cookie You may have noticed we are securing AIM and the Comments section has been updated. The Facebook comments were not being used due to it limiting the logon method. Well the new Discus comments allows you to logon to comment in many more ways. You can also comment as a guest. Be sure to check all 3 agreements to post. One of the agreements is to use cookies which Mongo has been working on removing from our site, to make AIM a low calorie view. Such as our menu has been changed to use no cookie to retain your setting of which panels were expanded or collapsed etc. Not to say we will be cookie free, but most will not be generated by AIM. That said, updating to https secure encrytion. aka. the little green lock in your browsers address bar. Even though we sell nothing on AIM and have no ADS. Being secured and encrypted seems to make some people feel more comfortable and at ease. So we are doing what we can to make our visitors enjoy their experiance at AIM. Until totally completed, If you stumble upon a security risk in our site, please contact Mongo and let him know which page, so he can remove the issue. A issue found (if any) will most likely be an image link so be assured we have worked very hard to remove any weird stuff. Thank you for all your help. Concerned about cookies then check out Mongo's new article About Cookies it may put you at ease.
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Getting Rid Of Ads!


Sick of Ads on everything! How do they find me? How do they know what i was shopping for? I will try to answer some of these questions here. How Does It Work? NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) companies help advertisers show relevant ads — matching these ads with broad interest categories or groups like male clothing shoppers 25-34 or car buyers in Illinois. NAI members distinguish between visitors to a site and users of an app, assigning them to broad interest category groups … Read More ❯❯

Published: January 16, 2018 | Comments: 0

Angel’s iOS Ringtones


Angel’s Free iOS Ringtones Apple iPhone iPad iPod iTunes/DSI Click on listed tone to preview. Right Click and Save As to Download your choices. Viewing: Animals Animals  Classical  Country  Humor  Music  Mono  Sirens Etc.  Spiritual  Themes / Misc Enjoy: mongo

Published: December 13, 2017 | Comments: 0

Angel’s Ringtones


Angel’s Free Ringtones Mp3 for Most devices. (Check our IOS section for Apple based devices) Viewing: Animals Animals  Classical  Country  Humor  Music  Mono  Sirens Etc.  Spiritual  Themes / Misc Enjoy: mongo

Published: December 13, 2017 | Comments: 0

8 years of bullshit and still flowing.

Clown In Chief Barack Obama

Let’s start off by defining a leftist shall we… [Leftist] A person who simultaneously advocates for radical individualism, and radical egalitarianism. Radical individualism being the exuberant (and often jealous) exercising of personal freedoms without a sense of responsibility to human history, immutable principles, or the society around them. The individual tends more to emphasize personal rights, while neglecting personal responsibilities. When widely adopted, this leads to social/cultural decay. It’s been many years of the same old BS in the US (see meter). Now … Read More ❯❯

Published: December 5, 2017 | Comments: 0

Bush Night Out

I watched the dirt swirling past the car and felt the wind in my hair as we sped down the dark dusty road into the bush. All 7 of us were squeezed in like sardines, we didn’t care, we were all half tanked already and it made for more fun going around corners, and being a Friday night in the middle of summer, we were just out to have fun. My friend Sean swigged down the bourbon one handed while holding a smoke … Read More ❯❯

Published: December 2, 2017 | Comments: 0

Smoke Alarms, which one?

Fire, one of natures magnificent elements, used for cooking, heating and even entertainment purposes, but it can also be a deadly foe. Did you know it only takes minutes for an established fire to spread through your home, but its often not the fire that would ultimately kill you first… its the smoke, vapors, fumes and gases produced by the fire and the decomposition of its fuels that can take your life before the fire even has a chance to take hold… Many … Read More ❯❯

Published: December 2, 2017 | Comments: 0