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No Cookie You may have noticed we are securing AIM and the Comments section has been updated. The Facebook comments were not being used due to it limiting the logon method. Well the new Discus comments allows you to logon to comment in many more ways. You can also comment as a guest. Be sure to check all 3 agreements to post. One of the agreements is to use cookies which Mongo has been working on removing from our site, to make AIM a low calorie view. Such as our menu has been changed to use no cookie to retain your setting of which panels were expanded or collapsed etc. Not to say we will be cookie free, but most will not be generated by AIM. That said, updating to https secure encrytion. aka. the little green lock in your browsers address bar. Even though we sell nothing on AIM and have no ADS. Being secured and encrypted seems to make some people feel more comfortable and at ease. So we are doing what we can to make our visitors enjoy their experiance at AIM. Until totally completed, If you stumble upon a security risk in our site, please contact Mongo and let him know which page, so he can remove the issue. A issue found (if any) will most likely be an image link so be assured we have worked very hard to remove any weird stuff. Thank you for all your help. Concerned about cookies then check out Mongo's new article About Cookies it may put you at ease.
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Rant and Ramble Baby Yeah!

Cranky Angel

I have been going through some serious writers block of late and I’m guessing it’s from all the crazy crap that’s been going on in the world… Where do i start, i guess the theys might be as good as any place to, so here goes; has the world gotten so turned over that people are offended by the most ridiculous things, he, she, him, her WHY? Are people feeling so unappreciated that they feel the need to change biology to be recognized? … Read More ❯❯

Published: August 10, 2018 | Comments: 0

Q Anon?

Who is Q

Who the hell is Q Anon, or “Q” Clearance, or just plain Q? Well if your not into “message boards” like, Reddit, or 4Chan, i’m not surprised. This is how truthful info is spread nowadays, due to the bias, and controlled mainstream media. 4chan is a open free-speak forum just like Angel in maine, where honest thoughts about real issues are relayed and discussed with an anything goes attitude even in chat rooms. Q signifies someone with extremely high level security clearance. (Like … Read More ❯❯

Published: August 9, 2018 | Comments: 0

Wicked Lightning


Sitting on the porch the evening of June 30th 2018 we viewed a strange and beautiful sight. Lightning without a BANG! So we began to video this event. Then we explored for more facts on lightning. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did that evening and the information. Lightning Types Lightning strikes the ground, the air, or inside clouds. There are roughly 5 to 10 times as many cloud flashes as there are cloud-to-ground flashes. There are two types … Read More ❯❯

Published: July 1, 2018 | Comments: 0

Stop Data-Mining Part 1:


Hey All as Promised Here’s More on Win10 Data-Mining There’s been a lot of shit splatter over W10’s privacy . Sooooo, here’s a few methods to have a relatively more private, safe experience, and to slow the data mining that occurs in Win10. The trade off is disabling some of W10’s so called features. All settings and tweaks in this article can be easily Undone if you decide to later on. (beats me why anyone would though) You may be thinking Huh! how … Read More ❯❯

Published: March 26, 2018 | Comments: 0

More On Data-Mining


Definition of data mining : the practice of searching through large amounts of computerized data to find useful patterns or trends Windows 10® here on referred to as Win10 is a registered Trade Mark of Microsoft Corporation™. Basic Bullshit About Privacy And Information I understand all the concerns about privacy and they’re valid for sure. But here is why Win10 is pretty high on the list of problems when its comes to privacy. Take a look at the NSA hacking treachery for example, … Read More ❯❯

Published: February 17, 2018 | Comments: 0

Political Correct Meter

Political Correct

What is with all this Politically Correct bullshit? Why do people all feel the need to be politically correct and hide there true feelings on things just to conform and be politically correct? Like when someone dies people always have nice things to say about them, even if this person was the biggest creep and took advantage of people they will say he had a heart of gold, not a bad bone in his body UGH a prominent movie star, he makes anti-semitic … Read More ❯❯

Published: February 1, 2018 | Comments: 0