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Two Striped Grasshopper: ORTHOPTERA
(melanoplus bivattatus)

This insect is a common insect of the state of Maine, and is wideley considered a pest in agriculture communities.This is because they eat alfalfa, corn, lentil, barley, wheat and other plants such as grass, or golden rod leaves or some times day lily leaves at ALL stages of life (Nymph hood, and adult hood). In large numbers, these grasshoppers can eat so much, they leave scars on farm land. In some cases, farms have been know for having to replant all the plants that died from grasshopper feeding.

These insects come out at day to feed, but when threatened, they have a few self defenses. For one, the have wings that they develop over time in which they can use to fly for limited amounts of time. Another defense they have is spewing a sticky, smelly, frothy, brown substance out of its mouth in order to deter would-be predators, and after using this liquid, if it has to, it will bite. When it bites, it is not poisonous, but if it is full grown, the bite can sting.

One final defense mechanism is its hind legs. There is a special organ in each one that builds up power. Once it needs to make a getaway, it will use up some of this power, and jump. They jump very far, and some times, mid-jump, it will beging to fly. This a highly effective way of escaping threat.

As they grow up, around the end of autumn, they look for mates. Mating can take up to as much as half a day, as food and sperm are transferred to females during mating. Eggs are laid in the ground, close to the surface, right before winter. The eggs eventually hatch once temperatures rise and all the snow has melted away.

I think that if these insects are pests, they should be taken care of in a humane matter, like using repellents, not killers. If all farmers were to use repellant, then most of the bugs would be left only to eat the wilderness, like before humans started deforestation and destroying ideal habitats for these insects. Least these aren’t locusts, but we’ll talk about that later.

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