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Stop Data-Mining Part 1:

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Hey All as Promised Here’s More on Win10 Data-Mining

There’s been a lot of shit splatter over W10’s privacy . Sooooo, here’s a few methods to have a relatively more private, safe experience, and to slow the data mining that occurs in Win10. The trade off is disabling some of W10’s so called features.
All settings and tweaks in this article can be easily Undone if you decide to later on.
(beats me why anyone would though)

You may be thinking Huh! how bad can I be being mined?
Well How about we take a peek and see ok? Let’s Open up the Command Prompt by launching CMD as an administrator, and then enter the following:

netstat /a 5

This will run all show all connections to your PC and refresh the list every 5 seconds. You can sit and watch this WITHOUT touching the keyboard for a few minutes and suddenly MORE connections will become active magically LOL. Better yet even more magic occurs if you use your mic or search your PC! A much better way to check this out is to, Open up the Command Prompt by launching CMD as an administrator, and then enter the following:

netstat /a 180>"%SystemDrive%\Users\%username%\Desktop\Results.txt"

This is the same command with some tweaks! It refreshes every 3 minutes instead of 5 seconds and also saves the data to a text file named Results on your desktop. Yes, much easier to review this way. So run this command go have a coffee come back. Ok welcome back. Now Close the Command Prompt window. Next find the Results file sitting on your desktop open and review it.
WOW Huh?
I’ll bet your feeling a bit?Seeing Stars
After seeing that maybe you wish to proceed or just want to read this article. Then let’s get busy.

Basic Fixes

Before / During Win10 Installation
Do not use Express Settings! Select Customize, and make sure EVERYTHING is turned off.
I strongly recommended that you use a Local Account not a Microsoft account.

After Installation
Well this is probally most of you huh? If you are trying to be invisible you’re on the wrong OS period! That said we can make it a PITA to get your info. (Oh PITA = Pain In The Ass). Ok here’s the basics.

Settings > Privacy
Disable everything under EVERY TAB and list item, unless there are some things you really need i do not know what or why, but it is your PC and info. Be sure to be very thorough checking every setting and every link making sure you scroll completely down each page!

Things to Note:

  1. While within the Privacy page, go to Feedback, select Never in the first box, and Basic in the second box. Settings > Update and Security > Advanced Options > Choose how updates are delivered, and turn the first switch off.
  2. Disable Cortana by clicking the Search bar/icon. Leaving this on you may as well not bother with any of this and go on your merry oblivious way. Some information mined by the app includes your contacts, calendar, location, internet history and favorites, speech, inking and typing, and much more. (also any Previously collected data from Cortana will not be deleted.)
  3. Disable web search in Search by going to Settings, and turning off Search online and include web results.
  4. Deleting personalization data from the Microsoft servers, To delete more of the data collected ny Cortana, such as Notebook, Reminders, Places, go to the Bing Settings’ page. Using the account you are using on your computer, click the Clear button for both Clear personal info and Other Cortana Data and Personalized Speech, Inking, and Typing. In both cases, confirm the deletion.
  5. Change the name of your PC by Right click on Start, select System in the menu, then click Rename This PC.

You may have noticed that microsoft is so brazen they name the file Autologger lol.
Telling us all Hey look we are collecting all your data! Rasberry

  1. Let’s Open up the Command Prompt by launching CMD as an administrator, and then enter the following:
    sc delete DiagTrack
    sc delete dmwappushservice
    echo "" > C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogs\AutoLogger\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl

  3. Next Open up the Group Policy Editor by launching gpedit.msc as an administrator. Go through:
    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds.
    Double click Telemetry, hit Disabled, then apply.
    NOTE: This supposedly only works in the Enterprise edition. (cough cough)
    We will get to a decent enough workaround a little later in part 2.
  4. A little side note for the know it alls….
    There are 4 levels of telemetry in Win10.

    level 0: Security. (Enterprise, Education, and IoT Core editions, available to these versions)
    The claim is:
    A value of 0 (Security) will send minimal data to Microsoft to keep Windows secure.

    Level 1: Basic.
    Gathers a minimum set of data which is critical for understanding the device and identifying problems.

    Level 2: Enhanced.
    Gathers data about how you use Windows and its apps and helps Microsoft improve the user experience.

    Level 3: Full.
    Gathers all of the above information and any additional data that may be required to identify and to help fix problems.

    So all in all, EVERY version of Win10 uses telemetry and collects data!
    What is collected Microsoft deems appropriate NOT YOU!
    Regardless of your settings or supposedly being disabled through them!

  5. While still in the Group Policy Editor, go through
    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > OneDrive
    Double click Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage, hit Enabled, then apply.
  6. While still in the Group Policy Editor, go through
    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender
    Double click Turn Off Windows Defender, hit Enabled, then apply.
  7. Next Open up the Registry Editor by launching regedit as an administrator.
    Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection
    Select AllowTelemetry
    Change its value to 0, then apply.

To be continued with even more hairy protection methods in Stop Data-Mining Part 2:

Including Batch files (Bat) for you to create hosts redirect and firewall rules to stifle Microsoft more. Without system errors. And UN-Do files of each. With Extra bonus prizes of alternate applications for Win10 built-ins.

OH WAIT!…. A Last Second Add On Fix… Facebook On The News
The media PSA release from Facebook on how to disconnect your apps leaves out the fact that Win10 users are vulnerable.
Is this by accident or deliberate who knows? As usual they feed you a pile of – Crap
Some of you may want to disconnect from The Latest Facebook screw up.
Unlike Facebook as a whole even!
So here is a quick add on to Manage the linked accounts:
On the top right corner of your Microsoft profile page, you can see the social networking accounts linked to your Microsoft account, under Manage your accounts. Select Facebook or any other connection you want gone, bah-bye, adios then Click on
Remove this connection completely to remove the account from Microsoft.

That said I have used my allotted Bytes so I am outta here.