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Q Anon?

Who is Q
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Who the hell is Q Anon, or “Q” Clearance, or just plain Q?
Well if your not into “message boards” like, Reddit, or 4Chan, i’m not surprised. This is how truthful info is spread nowadays, due to the bias, and controlled mainstream media. 4chan is a open free-speak forum just like Angel in maine, where honest thoughts about real issues are relayed and discussed with an anything goes attitude even in chat rooms.

Q signifies someone with extremely high level security clearance. (Like Q, from the James Bond). If they claim to be, then they are a person extremely close to the President of the United States (POTUS).

“Q” posted on 4Chan aerial photos said to be taken from inside Air Force One during Trumps’ recent trip to Asia. “Q” posts his “Intel drops” as questions designed to guide readers to focus their thinking on certain topics, simultaneously sprinkling snippets of covert and clandestine intelligence.

At first “Q’s” messages were posted on a thread called Calm Before The Storm, and archived 430+ times, the longest thread on 4chan ever.

As this all comes to light, it is clear that whomever “Q” may be, the statements, questions and/or insinuations are compelling. Showing a world about to be set free from the grip of a global Cabal that includes CIA, FBI, banker families and royal dynasties. Hell yeah “Q” put an End to the Fed (Rothschilds and Rockefellers) and their crushing hold on central banking and the corrupt/criminal banking system generally.

Looks like President Trump, President Putin and President Xi (of China) have had enough of this garbage from the Rothschild Cabal and are putting an end to it. Also, ISIS (CIA, Obama, Clinton et al) has been smashed in Syria by the Russians.

The Chinese have been quietly pushing forward with their “One Belt One Road” initiative, which is, by the way, the biggest infrastructure development in history! Not that anyone heard anything about it from our Cabal controlled media. Think Straws (much more important). Meanwhile Donald Trump is circling the globe putting a Big Stick up the ass of the satanic Cabal and their trolls.

“Q” is somehow connected to Donald Trump. Some think “Q” may even be Donald Trump. “Q” has linked Saudi arms purchases with BAE Systems, linking Prince Charles to Saudi arms purchases under Al Yamamah “Dodgy Deal”. Never heard of Al Yamamah? Check this out!

Princess Diana’s assassination is mentioned in the Page 45 of “The Book of Q” starting off with these type questions. Who is the Queen of England? How long in power? With power comes corruption. What happened to Diana? What did she find out? Why was she running? Who did she trust to help her flee? What was the cover? Why is this relevant? Why now? Old. Connection. News. Bad actor. London Mayor. Background? Affiliation? Connection to the Queen? British MI6 agents dead. When? How? What was reported? What really happened? Why is this relevant Wealth. Corruption. Secret society. Evil. Germany. Merkel. Migrants. Why are migrants so important. What are assets? Why are migrants so important? Assets. Why are migrants so important? Operations. Satan. Who follows? What political leaders follow Satan? Who wears openly? Why? Who is she connected to/Why is this relevant? Spirit cooking. What does Spirit Cooking represent? Cult. What is a cult. Who is worshipped? Why is this relevant? Snow White. Godfather III. Speed. “Q”.”

Cryptic and intriguing to say the least. “Q” seems to have a deep understanding of the way things in the world really work. “Q” has discovered a means to spread huge amounts of suspicious background information, turning it into common public knowledge. Other Topics touched apon include Pizzagate, elite child sex trafficking, Satanism and The Occult, bribery, money laundering through charities and foundations (The Clinton Foundation), Benghazi, weapons shipments and the Syrian war, corrupt Obama, Clinton, Bush, Podesta, 2000+ sealed indictments, Saudis and links to Israel (Mossad), Las Vegas shooting and links to Saudi and Bill Gates, ownership of the Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons Resorts, false flags, attempted assassination of MBS (King of Saudi Arabia) and possibly 9/11, etc etc etc etc

Download: The Book of Q Here.

If anything has been accomplished by this phenome named “Q”. It is the fact that he has many people thinking outside the proverbial “box”, and questioning their beliefs and trust in the government and most of its department heads as a whole.

Such as the now widely publicized WalkAway Campaign on Facbook. The creator of a social media campaign (Brandon Straka) urges liberals to detach themselves from the Democratic Party saying that the future of the party is over. By sharing video stories of people who decide to dissociate themselves from liberalism and the Democratic party. Hence “Walking Away” from the bullshit instead of running from! #WalkAwayCampaign on Twitter and Of course there is WalkAway Campaign Website.

As Angel❤ says Stop being Sheep! THINK!