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Forgot a Wifi password?

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Find Any prior WiFi connection Password on your Windows computer

This doesn’t let you go driving around with a laptop, breaking into password encrypted WiFi routers. Not that you need to as in most places. Your computer could pick up an unlocked router or 20 without a problem.

This allows you to find ANY password that belongs to a router your PC/Laptop has been connected to in the past. So having (CRS) myself im willing to help others with the affliction.

OK now let’s do it.

This will find out all the WiFi routers such as friends routers and stuff like Chromecast that you have forgotten the password(s) to.
Open your command prompt as administrator otherwise this may not work.
(Accessories folder right click  command prompt and run as administrator)

Once you have your command prompt up let’s find out what WiFi spots your
PC has connected to in the past.

Type the following into the command prompt: “netsh wlan show profiles”

This will list all the router connections from the PC you are on.
For this example i listed one connection to make it easy to understand.

Now we have a list, well sort of lol. Find the connection in question on the list.
The only one listed is “TG862G92”.

Now type in “netsh wlan show profile TG862G92 key=clear” in the cmd prompt.
Note: key=clear removes the masking (**********)  from the password

This will give you detailed info, whether it connects automatically, authentication mode e.g WPA2 and other details like whether you are over the data limit
set by your provider etc.

Lets find the password for the connection “TG862G92”

As you can see from the above section the password for this router is “TG862GA2A792”.
Voila all done you have your password.
Open the WiFi section on your PC and connect by adding the key. If it doesn’t connect you have a problem. LOL
(most likely the router password was changed since your last logon)