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About Cookies

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Real deal about the Cookie

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a text file. That’s all. Webmaster’s use cookies for a variety of reasons. If you go to a website that allows you to customize a page so that it looks the same every time you visit it, the webmaster will store these pieces of information in a Cookie.
There are many ways a cookie can be used, from simply seeing what pages you visit to allowing you to use an on-line shopping cart. Many people hate the thought of someone seeing what pages of that website you visited. Maybe why most people don’t stop here is that it is the webmasters design etc., so why not be able to tell what you visited? That way they can improve content of popular pages and remove or enhance crappy pages. (what about third party cookies ill get to later)

How Cookies work.

Cookie text information is transferred from the server to your Browser via the HTTP protocol and then stored on your hard drive cookies folder. It is not an executable file, it is not some info sucker or high tech data miner from hell, it is only a text file.
If a site uses a Cookies, then every time you visit that site, with the same PC and browser as the 1st visit, it transfers that Cookie back to that site. The scripting on the site uses the Cookie information stored and acts upon it.
A Cookie will only be transferred to the site that created it. Part of the Cookie is the server/domain name (angelinmaine.com, etc.) of the site that created it as well as the exact path to the script/program that created/accessed it. If a Cookie exists that has the same domain name and the same path then obviously that program is allowed to access that Cookie because it placed it there in the first place! BUT if the the domain and path DO NOT match exactly as they were set, the Cookie WILL IS NOT TRANSFERRED so it doesn’t exist nope Nada nothing!
This means that, there is no way for someone from one site to see the contents of the Cookie from another site etc. – etc. – etc. It’s just not possible. <<< Read that again. No one except the originator can see and decrypt the Cookie online therefore no one can look at or take information from another websites Cookie!   Controlled access can be achieved via a Cookie so that you can't view pages unless you have signed in with a UserID and Password. Usually these cookies expire after you leave the site, but not always (think Google, Facebook).  

Are Cookies dangerous?

NO As I said, it is a text file and that is all. It is not an executable program or script file and can’t do anything to your computer!
But these points may intrigue you…
I can write a script/program that will….

  • Be silly and close your browser.
  • Be annoying and launch thousands of browser windows, crashing your PC.
  • Be a creep send your name and e-mail address and any personal info to thousands of mailing lists or sign up for porn sites.
  • Be scary and launch program’s on your computer. (common programs like paint, calculator etc.)
  • Be truly evil and, ERASE YOUR HARD DRIVE!!! among other nasty’s.


So back to the Lil ole Cookie.

What information does a Cookie collect from you?
What information can a Cookie get from my PC?
NOTHING, Nada, zip…..

Can a Cookie give my computer a virus?

Can a Cookie delete my hard drive?
Can anything bad happen from Cookies themselves?
NO, nien, nope, Absolutely Not! ….

Can I refuse to accept a Cookie?

Hell Yes.

What happens if I refuse to accept a Cookie?

Refusing to accept a Cookie will only, worst scenario, make your surfing annoying as hell and add a lot of re-typing logins etc. during your session. So you refuse a Cookies from a site which you are a member of, most likely you will have to re-do many if not all your (passwords, settings, preferences, etc.) every time you visit.

Can you sum it all up?

OK let’s say your name is Sarah. OK Hiya Sarah. So you went your bank website today. That’s great i hope there’s extra money in your account. So Sarah did you see when you logged in to your banking account the banner that’s said Welcome Back Sarah! i’m guessing yes. Well that was a Cookie that said Hi. So now you see the danger LOL kidding. See not much to fret over are they.

What’s the deal with Third party Cookies?

Nowadays these annoying Lil suckers are searched for by most security, antivirus, malware and the like software programs. The truth is that there’s no such thing. Cookies are powerful and more than one can be set by any one site. It is the design of the cookie that some creeps use to track your actions and get a record of your browsing.
The real deal is the software on your PC that Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other so called tech giants use to data-mine. So you read that right software can get more than any cookie from a PC and send it and just send a data packet straight to their server. I have posted several articles about data-mining and have more I am working on. Here’s just two under the internet category More On Data-Mining, Stop Data-Mining Part 1:.
So Third party Cookies are bullshit a cookie is a cookie. It depends on where you been on the web. And Yes nasty websites have nasty cookies. Called a Tracking Cookie, and is much different than a cookie.(Cookie on steroids) A tracking cookie takes the regular cookie process way further and sends a log of all your online activities, usually tied to your Internet Protocol (IP) address, to a remote database for analysis. Many tracking cookies are harmless and want only to use your information, along with the data of millions of other anonymous users, for marketing analysis.
But some are more nasty. So be sure of the web sites you visit and read their TOS (Terms of service) as they often will tell you they use trackers in this or their disclaimer policy. (keeps it semi legal) The federal government is moving forward with a “Do Not Track” proposal that would let people control exactly what they divulge online. Most Web browsers have made Do Not Track an optional feature that users can switch on, but most of these nasty websites don’t honor it.
I hope this helped you understand cookies a little better than just milk and….