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Maine’s Fiercest Critter

Fiercest Critter
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The first place I got to call home on this mortal coil; named earth, was
Australia, a land filled with some of the scariest
creatures anyone wants to meet, from big hairy spiders to bears that drop
from gum trees…

Before coming to Maine I was warned about the critters here that gave me
cause for concern, namely mountain lions, big bears
and these super sized ferrets called fisher cats, nothing could prepare me
for the scariest animal of all…

and she was to be one of my new room mates.

My eyes met hers across the room, and she was not happy to see me, she growled
and hissed, showing me her large sharp teeth.
At first I wasnt scared, ive always got along with these types of creatures,
so i wasnt worried; but she had others plans.
I tried being nice, sneaking her treats (which she took happily) but the
minute i thought i was getting somewhere… “HISSS”
UGH… I was doomed.

I thought i had my chance to prove myself a useful advisery when she got
herself trapped on top of a high shelf one night,
i grabbed a chair and made my way to to the base and climbed up, thinking
i was going to make her day by saving her from
the heights she had found herself at.

NOPE! I put myself a little too close and “POW” I was forever scarred, she
got me, blood everywhere (well, not
really, but to me it was alot) she, being still atop of her tower, gave me
a smug look and proceeded to jump down and walked
off with a “haha” swagger.  

I was wondering to myself how could this gorgeous wee fluffy critter be so
fierce, and then i had an epiphany, I would ignore her,
pay her no attention at all, excpet for the treat sneaking of course, and
low and behold after a month of doing this she coudnt
help herself and came to me, but still I ignored her (which made her really
want my attention). So I gave her wee bits of affection
from patting to ear rubbing, and pow! She and I became friends! But wait…

Did I mention that she is bi-polar?…

Just when I thought she was happy to see me, “SWAT”! UGH!

So we have kind of developed a thing of mutual respect, and now when our
other wee (not so wee, will talk about him next) is hanging
out downstairs she will sleep on my hip in bed, growling at anything that
comes near me.

So to introduce this fiercesome creature, her name is Bella, and she is a
cat, a Maine Coon (she was the tiny of the litter, so shes
a beautiful wee thing) and I love her to bits (and sometimes my pieces when
she is in that mood!)

Angel ❤