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contact aim

Well you can contact AIM in many ways. Let’s Explore Some. Shall We?

How About Calling Angel and Mongo by yelling really loud. Err Nope In maine we are far and few neighbors so you would bust a lung trying. Well You Could Try Umm Well, How About A Signal fire? Gee We are in Maine Lots of trees you know. Whats next?
Morse code? Angel said nope too much or a pain to decypher.
Well How About Smoke signals? Much less fire Needed. Again we are in maine so umm maybe if you are on one of our mountains. Yep that may work. Sorta, Kinda, Maybeish, Even. Which equals Nope! But messing with fire, bad stuff happens and we would not want any of you guys to get hurt. Besides the outcome will really really suck.

Ok so let’s use…
stuff@angelinmaine.com for submissions of stories, images, memes and the like, or
misc@angelinmaine.com for any other stuff with attachments. K sound good lets do that.
Really Doesn’t matter which you use. We just thought two Emails looked more impressive!
So if ya need to say something to us real quick. Use this thingy here?

Social stuff:   FaceBook   Instagram   Youtube   

Hope to hear from you soon,
Angel & Mongo