Ever looked at a picture and loved the colors, thinking if only I could get paint made just like it? well look no further! My Mongo has been very busy making a program that does that! It's pretty easy to use, if you have a picture already in mind load it to the page and mouse over the image till you find the exact color you're looking for, then click. At the bottom you will see a color number and a hex value that you can take to a paint store and they can make it up for you! I can't wait to try it myself! Thank you Mongo my love ❤
Angel In Maine DOES NOT store any data or images entered by you the user, Everything is done inside your PC / Android device.

Use Magnifier To Locate The Color.
Place Square In Center Of Magnifier Over Selected Color pixel.
Click Selected pixel to get the Color Values.
Click and Drag to Move image as needed in frame.
Click "Color Selected" to View Shades Of SELECTED Color In New Window.
Click "Exact Named Color Value" to View Shades Of NAMED Color In New Window.

NOTE: Click the area several times, there are many names to some colors.
Color Selected

Named Color Value