If you came from our "WTF! One Certain Color?" or maybe our "WTF! A Color Palette From My Image?" This RED text value is the Color value you chose and entered this ppage with. Below are the corresponding Pantone® shades of that color. You can adjust the Distance from your color using the dropdown list. Then copy the Pantone® value above each swatch you choose. I have also added Black and White boxes in each color swatch for you to judge contrast, and also if you hover your cursor over the swatch and it will show the "Hex" value for it! IE: #FFFFFF etc. You can jot it down if you wish.
Angel In Maine DOES NOT store any data or images entered by you the user, Everything is done inside your PC / Android device.

The "RED" HEX text is the Color value you entered the page with.

Your Entrance Color Value

Pantone Palette