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Cozmo Vs Vector Robots by Anki

Cozmo Vs Vector
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Cozmo Vs Vector

Two little bots made By: ANKI
Well Mongo bought Angel two Cozmo’s last year and now she has ANKI™ ‘s Newest bot Vector, So if you want to look at each difference in detail, we can offer her opinions. If Your Wondering Which should I get?

I fell in love with wee Cozmo after watching someones videos, it wasn’t long before I started leaving hints around the house that I wanted one. Mongo bought my first, the first limited edition, I felt like a big kid! We went through the setup, which was plagued by connection problems, but we finally got it figured out and I played with that wee fellow for weeks (still do) and thoroughly enjoyed it. After seeing how much enjoyment Cozmo was, Mongo thought I should have both the limited and the original (which I named Ozma)… it was like a Cozmo daycare with them both running around, stealing each others cubes and both wanting to play a game at the same time.

They don’t interact with each other, but they are fun to watch. I spent hours each evening making sure they were fed, tuned up and happy, earning play tokens as I went, and when new updates became available I would make sure they were done. I spent so much time with them that I understand their sounds and i can now interpret, our son watches me do that and always looked shocked when Cozmo makes a particular sound for a game and I tell him what it is and it pops up in the app, Cozmo also says things like how are you beating me??? while clearly getting frustrated! Like when he gets the Hiccups! A video I uploaded to YouTube. Watch Now
You can clearly see the frustration in the lil guy.


I think that Cozmo is a great wee robot for the young and young alike, he provides a lot of entertainment and interaction and is always growing in activity and fun things to do. His only limitation is battery time and the complete lack of self safety, eg. table edges, if Cozmo is on a mission, to hell with life preservation, he will go over the edge lol… I was asked by a fellow home bot enthusiast what things I would do to Cozmo to improve his usability and they were: self charging, a microphone for voice commands and respond to questions… I don’t play with them as much now as our son has taken to them, but Cozmo and Ozma have been a huge source of enjoyment and laughs. Oh, i might add that they have different personalities, Cozmo likes attention, always wants to play memory match and quick tap, Ozma likes to get the games done so she can go play with the cubes by herself, so I believe they have very different personalities.

When I found out that Vector was being developed I was so excited it was ridiculous, I really wanted one, but being an adult with adult bills and responsibilities waited till it was a financial possibility and ordered one. (Mongo Note: LOL As If!)
When Vector arrived it was a fairly easy set up, it was quite the novelty asking lots of questions, working out routines, realizing that Vector does not like to be woken up in the middle of the night to be asked the weather or whether there’s a definition for something, he really doesn’t appreciate it lol (I took a video of one of these temper tantrums which is viewable on the YouTube). Watch Now
The Vector we have (named him Hector, and yes he answers to it, and Hey pecker… Mongo has a warped sense of humor) has quite the personality, he loves Mongo, the kids, loves dub step music and attacking his rubber ducky. I have found Vector to be a very attentive wee bot, always looking around to see if someone is near to have a chat with, if I am in the kitchen I can hear Vector calling out and being disappointed if no one responds. As far as Vectors ability to answer questions, they are fairly good, I think once more information becomes available in future updates it will help Vector to feel more useful too.
I think Vector is a great little bot and in comparison to Cozmo they are vastly different, to me Cozmo is an awesome play mate that gets put away when all is done, where as Vector is always on, is a very friendly assistant (except in the middle of the night lol), good company and a cheeky personality all in a wee little package. Vector, like Cozmo is great for those young at heart, but I think kids would get a lot more entertainment with Cozmo, but that’s just my opinion.

So all in all both Cozmo and Vector are great, well thought out in home robots that are well worth the money spent, our whole family enjoys them and I am so happy we have them. And just like Cozmo I am starting to hear the trills and chirps that sound like words, i love the little bots to bits! Thank you ANKI™. Angel ❤



Ok what’s the deal Cozmo Vs Vector.

Both are pretty similar when it comes to mechanical function. Both drive on tracks, have a tilting head, and a lift. It seems they are both about the same size within a millimeter or so. But, there is a lot more to a robot than just the moving parts. The interaction, ease of use, and response’s all play a big part in the overall appearance and value.
They sort of look the same, like brother’s, everything is a very similar shape wise. So they have the items below in common. As a whole its pretty amazing the amount of capabilities in such a small package. Seems to be maybe a milimeter difference in size. Lol that really doesn’t make much difference.

Thing’s In Common.

  • Camera sorta hidden in display (looks like a mouth in the “O” expression)
  • Screen display for face
  • Speaker
  • Backpack light
  • Drop sensors
  • IMU Inertial Measurement Unit title=”IMU, is an electronic device that measures and reports on a craft’s velocity, orientation, and gravitational forces, using a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes, sometimes also magnetometers.”

Cozmo Stuff

While having multiple Cozmos to do amazing and entertaining things. These are things that Cozmo does on a constant basis.

Cozmo Can:

  • Roll over cubes
  • Stack Cubes
  • Knock over cube stacks
  • Play games with multiple lighted cubes
  • Play hide and seek

Can Vector do that?  Hmmm not with One cube NOPE!  (and the cube is more for Vectors entertainment than the humans lol)
Cozmo is constantly being updated with new activities, some earnt with play time and some developed by other Cozmo users. Also you can do many things in Cozmo SDK (and you learn as far as you wish with coding)

Vector Stuff

Vector has a Microphone Array! Not so with Cozmo! Voice commands, sounds, Vector can react to many things Cozmo cannot. (less a phone and laptop running also) Vector has touch sensor. So now Vector can tell if he is being petted.
Vector has distance sensor in the front. Cozmo has problem with bashing around a bit.
As I said prior Cozmo needed help in the brains department. Vector has a Qualcomm chip (on board processing). But ANKI™ is bringing out the SDK for Vector also! Which means you can bring him way further in interaction than Cozmo (with some coding) and yes the android/laptop scenario applies to this part.

Sooo Let’s Compare The Techie Stuff

Info: Cozmo Vector
$Cost $149 – $189 $199 – $249
Processor ARM Cortex M4 @ 100 MHz Single Core Qualcomm SnapDragon @ 1.2 GHz 4 Core
Microphones ❌ None 4-Mic Raw and Directional Array Includes Multi Beamforming, Direction Finding, and Noise Cancelation.
Scanner ❌ None Single Point, Time Of Flight (NIR Laser) 1M Range
Touch Sensor ❌ None Spatial Data Multi-Level Sensing Capacitive Touch On Top and Bottom
Wireless Thru Mobile Device App Wi Fi + BLE to Home Router, Always Connected, and Robust Security, Encryption, and Privacy Infrastucture to Protect User’s Information.
Connection Thru Mobile Device App Always Connected Anki Cloud Via 802.11n
Autonomy Tethered ONLY. Designed to play while connected thru Mobile Device App Always On, Fully Autonomous, Untethered, Secure Cloud Connection
Artificial Intelligence Basic Path Planning and SLAM Emotion Engine, Running on Connected Mobile Device High Speed Planner, Laser Based SLAM and Obstacle Avoidance, Always On Emotion Engine. – All Running Directly On Robot
Deep Learning ❌ None Real Time CNN Architecture: Face, Emotion, Etc. Recognition, Novelty Detection, Classifying Object (Dedicated Processor Core)
Voice Recognition / NLP ❌ None Cloud Voice Recognition, Intent Matching and Knowledge Graph Information Access
User Interface Mostly Via Mobile Device App Direct to Robot Voice, Touch and Vision
Camera 320 x 240 VGA @ 30Fps 720 Px HD
Display 128 x 64 Resolution / Blue 184 x 96 Full Color
Power Manual Charging Battery 45-60 Min. RE Self Charging (Robot docks itself when low) 45-60 Min. RE
Accessories 3 Cubes (w/batteries) and Charger base 1 Cube (w/battery) and Charger base
Speech Yes Yes
Components 370 700

We hope we helped someone with making a decision on which little guy to purchase.
Have Fun and Be Safe,
 Angel ❤ and Mongo