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About Us

About Us

What’s The Deal With AIM?

Do you like to say and write down whatever the hell comes to mind? (WE
DO).. Then this would be as they say the devil’s workshop..the reason’s
are quite warranted and known… But anyway, Rants, raves, idea’s and
assorted babblings are what we strive on. Have something on your mind?
Need to toss it out there? Here’s your place to do so. Most of what you
read here very well may be and mostly is about nothing!!….. so please
have fun, we will !

Not A Turkey

✦ If you have questions or would like to submit your writings please send them to us in Text format with your images and we will format and post them upon approval and Email you when posted. So Contact
and let’s get started!

✦ Also We Are Never Censored Nor Will You Be By Us. And If We, You Or Anyone Else Get’s Offended….. Too Bad! Go Snivel, Cry and Whine To Someone Else!

Angel ❤