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8 years of bullshit and still flowing.

Clown In Chief Barack Obama
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Let’s start off by defining a leftist shall we…

A person who simultaneously advocates for radical individualism, and radical egalitarianism. Radical individualism being the exuberant (and often jealous) exercising of personal freedoms without a sense of responsibility to human history, immutable principles, or the society around them. The individual tends more to emphasize personal *rights*, while neglecting personal *responsibilities.* When widely adopted, this leads to social/cultural decay.


It’s been many years of the same old BS in the US. Now we are at the point of anyone that whines or complains about anything the soapbox’s and bandwagon’s hit overdrive. If it is offensive to one person tear it down, trash it, and fuck our heritage and feelings of the majority. If that one person is told no its our heritage VIOLA bandwagon. Your all racist! Protest, (aka rioting) So they think let’s make a new law for ME they declare. But nope we create new laws and tear down symbols of our heritage for these twats. Oh I identify as a female? WTF you have a dick but I’m supposed to know to call you MS. FUCK OFF. We create new laws for anything someone whines about.

Hey you assholes how about enforcing the laws we have? Someone shoots someplace up. Oh new guns laws will fix it. Ugh you dopes. Murder is illegal they ignored that law. So what makes you think a new gun law will fix it. OH its a political popularity ploy i get it. MORONS. The last piece of shit that killed people used a fucking truck! Wow lets make new anti truck laws that will fix it.

Take it down
I am to the point where i am seriously considering moving my family to Antarctica where there’s no one to whine, nor having figure out what the person with the dick calls themselves (MS / Mr. / weirdo / fool etc.) Let’s call them all fucktard’s that covers the majority. The GUY (w/dick) wants to be called MS. Nope he’s is a fucktard!

I am so sick of this whine ass bullshit. You don t like they way things are in this country GET THE FUCK OUT.. its that simple. We as a nation should/can put an end to this deranged BS for the mere cost of a plane ticket.
OK end of rant….

TacticsNow let’s look at what this shit gets us far as politicians. How about oh I don’t know maybe……umm

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.”

ODD The name huh maybe they used Barack because Sadam was taken? Hence the reason he would not do anything to protect American or anyone else from Islamic crazies

Yeah perfect that fool is a great example.
Let’s look at the facts.
1st the Objective mainstream press sold him as a messiah figure….(ummmm yeah sure….whoops error)

He became Famous for:
President of the United States, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for being a Bullshit Artist!

The reality of the beginning:
Huge chunks of the life of this extremely blown up and overrated “community organizer” are shrouded in mystery, all the way back to his birth. Thus, all non-informed dumb ass voters had little to no idea who and what they were electing. He has a vast amount of not so savory friends, such as Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Emperor Palpatine George Soros, and his buddies at ACORN. While a junior Senator with an extremely unremarkable legislative record (sat on his ass and did nothing), which he would continue from 2008 Presidential race on.

The reality of the stupid vote:
He broke a massive number of campaign promises (“A man is only as good as his word” that phrase ring any bells?) about what he’d do in his first year: heal the economy, halve the deficit, withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, close Camp X-ray, etc. (See his Morals) Continuing the majority of Bush’s policies, instead he got praised for doing the same things that were previously condemned. Also do not overlook the fact that he single handedly trashed the capabilities of or military by massive cuts to everything. Hum that may leave YOUR ass vulnerable ya think?

The reality of the so called victory’s:
His (cough cough) triumph was a socialized medicine SCHEME… which health care prices went out of control and continue to do so, even though those politicians swore up and down that would not happen. Nearing the end of his term (8 years of cuts and breaks), Wall Street settled down, but the economy still sucks for the real people.

BullshitThe Morals of this fool and this story:
He Used to sell dope, then he sold bullshit (politics), not a great qualification for the Presidency, and you dopes get what you vote for A 50 yr old person with the I.Q. of a retarded clam could have done a better job, probably with less screw ups! But Obumble and slick willy and his crooked side arm, the thunder thunt (Hillary) made out i guess.

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