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Bush Night Out

I watched the dirt swirling past the car and felt the wind in my hair as we sped down the dark dusty road into the bush. All 7 of us were squeezed in like sardines, we didn’t care, we were all half tanked already and it made for more fun going around corners, and being a Friday night in the middle of summer, we were just out to have fun.

My friend Sean swigged down the bourbon one handed while holding a smoke in the same hand he was steering with, he was looking at me and grinning like a Cheshire cat so “Oi’d” him “watch the road, bloody roos out there you idiot” laughing at the same time, never ever appreciating how much danger we could all possibly be in at that time “yeah a’right, keep calm, im good” as he looked back the oncoming trees seemed to get close, all of a sudden he hit the anchors sending us all flying forward and sideways all at once. “SHIT” was all I think I heard…

When the dust settled we all gathered ourselves out of the coupe, some slapping Sean as they went past him “nice one maaate, pass the bottle ya pisshead!” he was quite pleased with his skid skills, drifting the big heavy old coupe between two huge gums with headlights aimed right at the old hut where loads of others had already gathered. “I smacked him as I went past him “you bloody fool, could have killed us all!” still grinning he grabbed and squeezed me and said “you’re still breathing aren’t ya Mai, quit complaining or you can walk home”. I should have started walking then, instead yelling back “stuff you” and tried to push him away; he just stood fast and slowly let me go.

I left the grinning idiot to his mates and started walking into the hut, I noticed that the group before us already had the fire pit going and they had loud music which was echoing back and forth against the mud brick walls. There were people swaying to the music in some kind of hypnotised trance so I grabbed a drink and went outside to find a hay bale to sit on, and then it hit me, it was cold, very cold.

I don’t know how long I sat there for, I maybe had 5 smokes in that time and thought to myself how quiet it was, I reasoned with myself it was probably the change in songs and it would start again at any time, but it didn’t, so I lit another smoke and continued to sit there, no one had even come out to see me, so I put my cig out and got up, my breathe was visible and I was freezing so I thought I’d go sit by the fire pit and get warm. All reasonable ideas I thought.

I got to the hut doors, which were in darkness, no car lights, I turned to see why it was so dark but couldn’t see anything, someonemust have cut the headlights to save the battery so I went inside.

At first I couldn’t see anything, no fire, no people, no music, no nothing, it was pitch black in there, and then I realised, shit, I must have gone into the wrong hut, so I turned around to walk back out and as I did, I was sure id heard some one call for me so I spun around to look, it was then the clouds shifted from the moon, it was full and bright and shining right on Seans car.

My heart sunk, there in front of me was the coupe, twisted in two directions, I could see steam rising from where the radiator must have been, and eerily still, it was so silent. So, if I am standing here, where are they? I ran to the car looking in the wreckage for anyone, there was no one there and this is where I think I started to panic.

Trying to get my head around it all I checked myself, was I injured? I couldn’t see anything, I must be ok, im standing here, I could see my breath, I must be alright? But where was Sean,
where were his friends, oh god, maybe they were playing a joke on me, im the party pooper of sorts so maybe they were hiding and getting ready to scare me, so I called out “OK, HAHA, very funny guys, great joke! You can come out now!” But no one came out, no one was laughing, it was just me, the wreck, the trees and the eerie moonlight.

I really didn’t know what to do, so I dragged the hay bale up near the car in case they had gone to get help, I thought sitting there would be the best thing to do, I was sure they would come back for me, they wouldn’t just leave me here, would they? I lit another smoke and waited; the clouds rolling across the moon, fading the light back and forth, it was so peaceful as I sat and watched.

I think I must have fallen asleep because as I woke the moon had moved, so must have slept an hour or so, or so I thought, I saw the light shining back over the car wreck, but this time it was different, something was very wrong here, cars don’t rust that quick do they? And then I heard voices coming toward me calling my name “YES! They’ve come back for me! Bout bloody time” so I got up and ran to where I heard them, but no one was there, great, now im hearing things too… so I went back to my spot, lay down and feeling like I was never going to get out of here; cried myself to sleep.

The piercing light woke me again, but this time it wasn’t the moon, it was the brightness of many headlights, all aimed at me, I heard someone yell “Is that her, I think i can see her, quick, grab the gear!” So I get up thinking they are here to rescue me, to tell me where Sean and the others are, I didn’t know who they were and they didn’t come to see if I was ok.

Then I heard him, I recognised his voice above all the others, it was Sean… and he was crying “yes, it was right there, that’s where we found her after the acco, I held onto her as long as I could”.

Angel ❤

Published: December 2, 2017

Smoke Alarms, which one?

Fire, one of natures magnificent elements, used for cooking, heating and even entertainment purposes, but it can also be a deadly foe. Did you know it only takes minutes for an established fire to spread through your home, but its often not the fire that would ultimately kill you first… its the smoke, vapors, fumes and gases produced by the fire and the decomposition of its fuels that can take your life before the fire even has a chance to take hold…

Many toxins can be produced from an active fire, some of which include: carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, heat, aldehydes and acrolein (from burning wood/cellulose) and in our current way of living with multi possessions, these items can contain Polyurethane(PU), and the many chemicals used to make synthetics which are also in our carpets, furniture coverings, curtains, cushions, floor lacquers, toys, tvs, etc… in a word DEADLY when exposed to fire/high heat.

All of the items in our homes and the homes themselves have different rates of heat tolerance till they start to produce vapors which can ignite, aka flash point, the point at which items can no longer sustain and then combust. Flash over is when all the items in the room have produced enough vapors which all ignite at once, including the smoke plume which by this point has accumulated in the ceiling head space, even carpets which also produce vapors from all the heat from the active fire will ignite. There are plenty of examples YouTube showing demonstrations of flash point and subsequent flash over, please check them out.

A burning vehicle can be deadly in its own right, synthetics and natural fibers decompose in heat to become a dangerous cocktail of gases strong enough to extinguish a persons life in minutes, even seconds. The danger can also be present for some time after the fire has long been extinguished.

So what can we do to protect ourselves in the event of an outbreak of a fire? Its something we’ve been told for years now, so why do so many people still perish in such preventable situations? Many factors need to be considered here, sadly the gases emitted from fires cannot be detected by the human nose while we are in deep sleep as our body shuts off certain systems so that we may rest, one of these is the sense of smell, and while we are sleeping is usually when most fires break out and get a foot hold, this is why we all should have smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors can save lives, but with so many different ones available, which ones are the best to have, and where should they be placed? Ionization or Photoelectric? in short, the DUAL which has both! and if you can only get one, the Photoelectric is the best! (I also recommend at least one CO-carbon monoxide detector, as CO is a silent scentless killer).

There are lots of “smoke detectors”, ones that will detect smoke at low rates and raise an alarm to alert you to the impeding fire, while these are good, they are not the best detectors to have, with all the gases being produced at the same time the smoke is entering your hallways, its the gases that can kill you so a DUAL Photoelectric/Ionization detector is the best choice, the Photoelectric sensor will “see” the smoke activity before the smoke is detected alarming earlier, eg, smoldering, and slow moving fires, and the ionization element of the alarm will detect fast moving fires and could save your life.

URGENT-To check which one you currently have, take the battery case back off and if you have a nuclear symbol and no “eye/camera” on the front, it is an ionization detector, get a Photoelectric or a dual Photoelectric/Ionization detector” instead!!! and if you cannot reach your alarm, and you do not have anyone you can ask for assistance, Im sure you can go to your local Fire Brigade and ask for help, prevention is key.

It is also imperative that you become familiar with the upkeep of the detectors, i change the batteries twice a year, and i find the best time to do this as its easy to remember is daylight saving changes, on the days that the clocks change, so do my detector batteries, i always use good long life alkaline, NOT Lithium! Lithium batteries can be unsafe in their own right, but that is a topic for another day (and oh boy, are you all in for a shock!) in short Lithium batteries, when they fail WILL vent with flames (and yes, you all have lithium batteries in your phones, ipods, ipads etc.. so look after them, even a hard thud can disrupt the inner workings and reactions in a lithium battery, and depending on what other elements are used to make the battery, eg. Li-Po [lithium polymer], can make this reaction worse, there are some lithium battery combinations that inherently safer, eg Li-Mn[lithium manganese] which vent with high heat not flames, and see, iv e gone off in that tangent, ok, back to topic, if you want more info on battery safety, please message and I will write a piece on those). And always replace your detectors by the stated expiry dates!

Also, that annoying “BEEP” you may hear could be your detector telling you the battery is need of a change, DO NOT IGNORE THIS, IT WILL GO AWAY and you WILL forget it needed doing!

I find the best placement for detectors is this: Dual detectors in all bedrooms, lounge rooms/living rooms, laundry, basement, dining room etc, I would also recommend a Carbon Monoxide detector to be placed in your hallways and if you have a basement, one in there also. I do not use detectors within the space of a kitchen as they do like to applaud cooking at times, and then get pulled down and sometimes forgotten, so one outside the doorway is usually where i put mine. If you have ducted heating or AC in your home, the detectors in each room will earn their worth as fire can travel much faster due to the ducts connecting the rooms, especially roof space ducts.

Fire safety is not something to be ignored, it can and does happen to anyone, one small fire coal displaced from a fireplace can sit and smolder for hours on end till it produces enough heat to produce vapors around itself to ignite the surrounding surfaces, wiring can be corrupt and smolder within walls, even large piles of leaves and or garden mulch can decompose deep within the pile and smolder till it ignites, and if its beside your home or garage can lead to disaster!

One important thing to note, fuel does not burn, VAPORS do… so please, be safe, make a check list and follow it, make sure all is turned off at night, if you have an open fireplace, make sure its out or well guarded, and please, please, do not put items too close to a heat source, no matter how safe you think you are by being close to “keep” an eye on Aunt Mildred’s washing as it dries quicker, her lovely polyester pants may heat enough to help you fall asleep and then OOOPS up she goes… DO practice fire drills, have a plan, always have a plan, a fire will cause chaos on a grand scale, so a plan will bring order and a clear mind.
“Get down Low and Go Go Go”!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and ill answer to the best of my abilities.
Angel ❤

Published: December 2, 2017

Drug Metabolism and how it affects us


Ever wondered why some people can take a drug once and become addicted? Leading them hopelessly into further addiction and decline? hopefully this will help you to understand the reasons why and how this can happen. I will also do a breakdown of all the drugs currently floating around our universe and how they affect us and include them in seperate pages for you. For this section though, i will use their current street names… Please feel free to save or even print this info if you know someone who could benefit from this knowledge.

This will be explained in the most understanding terms here, just to give you an idea how the system of metabolism works, I will explain in further detail in another section if you are interested in knowing the finer details.

In the class of Opiates we have drugs such as Heroin, Morphine, Codeine, Oxycodone, etc, each of these is different in how it breaks down, and how long they take to break down once they are in your system.

To break down the drugs in ones system, imagine if you will the wonderful character that is Pacman, we have something similar known as our Enzyme-Cytochrome P450 (CYP). Once you have injected, snorted, smoked or even orally ingested, the drug enters your blood stream and your cells, starting the process of metabolising. Your body has a built in defence system to recognize the drug as a poison and wants to eliminate it fast, so it sends in our Pacmen, the Cytochrome P450s to break down the poison. This is where things get tricky for a first timers as this poison has not enetered before so there are not many P450s to get moving around the system, producing the longer effects of the drug (and also can lead to whats commonly known as "chasing the dragon" for the same high that was first produced). You see, once this poison has entered and is seen as a poison, more of these P450s are produced, bit like starting an army in a sense. The affect is accumalitive, the more you use the drug, the more of these enzymes are produced and are waiting for the drug. Once our little Pacmen break down the drug, it is further cleaned out through our liver, kidneys and passed out as urine and even in our stools.

So what happens next? the person has now become addicted/dependant to/on the drug, the high is getting less, so more of the drug is needed to produce the high… bit like trying to send more troops in, but our defences are always producing more troops to counteract, till you reach a point where the drug is only taken to feel "normal", and to stop going into a state of withdrawal, which leads us to the next stage, why do we go through withdrawal?

Once our body has become completely accumulated with the P450s, sitting in the wings waiting for the enemy poison, without the drug, they start to die, producing the well known affects of nausea, vomiting, diahorria, cramping, muscle cramping, muscle twitching, and the sweats, it can be very devastating to go through.

Now this not going into the purity, dosage and toxicity that is within these realms, but i will say this: Opiates are known as a Depressant, and that doesn’t mean you get "depressed" it actually means that it depresses the Central Nervous System, which can slow your breathing to an almost stop, and in some cases death.

Using any drug is putting your life in the hands of the person that made the drugs, you dont know where it came from, if they are clean, or even if they are made the same way everytime, the purity depends on the makers and all the midway points before it even reaches you, it could be cut several times and have anything added to it, including other cheaper made drugs thrown in to make the amount of drug go further… and ive only mentioned basic opiate metabolism here.

Angel ❤

Published: December 2, 2017

Why Are So Many Keen For The Rapture?


Its that time of the year when the shouts of “the end of the world is nigh”, “get
your self good with God”, “the rapture is coming, get ready”, and so on and so on…….

Why is it that this sort of talk gets people so animated for it to happen? well,
I think it may be that the world for some has become a sad place to be; wars and
rumours of wars, extreme weather patterns that have gained strength over the last
year or so, extreme poverty which is world wide, a lack of respect, discord, drugs,
and ridiculous news stories giving fame to the most insane things.

In my opinion the world has gone absolutely bonkers! In one country we have a man who believes he can starve his people, build nukes and threaten everyone, in another the main news story is kneeling, other countries are rapidly losing their identity, and there are still countriues where children are dying from malnutrition, disease and wars. At this point in time one would think it would be a peaceful and happy world. Many centuries of fighting and greed are still shining through as the major choice for life and if someone from the past could look to now it would seem as though humans have not learned a thing.

It makes me very sad that some people have become rich for no good reason,
parading around with huge pouts and altered ass cheeks, I mean really? there are
very hard working individuals that get a pitance while some broad with a huge ass
gets millions? it makes no sense to me, If someone can give me a good reason for it
id be happy to know. They have made them famous… its nuts!

Anyway, back to the end of the world, why are there some for this, well its simple, we have had enough of the major imbalance that has become our world, the abuse of those that are unable to defend themselves is a disgrace, how one human can harm another is horrible and for it to be over will be wonderful, to have the wrongs right and to live in peace and harmony with no sickness or pain is something I am looking forward to. It does sound fabulous doesnt it, and the catch, well there is no catch, just to be kind and have faith and follow in the footsteps of Yeshua.

I watched a video on everyones favourite website, it was all about a sign
in the heavens, a sign from Revelation 12:5 that was in the stars last saturday the
23rd september 2017, if you search that date there is plenty of links to it and other
information about it. I found this video very informative, alot of research had gone
into it and I know this as I have watched this person talking about it for many years,
and know that he has many videos about this subject. It was this date that many had
hoped for the Rapture.. the catching up, the taking away, etc, and it came and went.

Im sure there were many very disappointed people, I wasnt, I think there are many
more people to be saved. I trust that YHWH knows what he is doing and all we can do is
try to be ready for when he is.
According to many websites and videos a new date has been announced to the masses, September 30th is now the “window of opportunity”… all i know is that YHWH wants us to be ready with our lamps full, so that is my focus. I do however appreciate these people and their readiness to make videos, the more info out there, the more opportunities for someone who has never heard of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua (Jesus) to be saved.

If you search the internet you will find there have been many predictions, ive seen some
all the way back to early BC times, it is fascinating to see them. They seem to have
increased over the last hundred years, (and if you look back 100 years the world is
phenomenaly different) and are increasing as time goes on. So I will admit that it does
look like we are nearing end times, but as I said before, I will continue to wait
patiently and try to be the best I can be (except chocolate… I canno control my addiction
to chocolate!). I understand the “wanting” but the current need is to be calm and hold faith.

Let me finish by saying that I myself are pretty excited to see our Lord, Yeshua when
he comes down through the clouds to meet us, it will be a glorious sight to behold!
If you would like to know more about our Lord and Saviour Yeshua, our beloved Jesus Christ,
please ask, he would love to meet you too.

Angel ❤

Published: October 1, 2017

Muscle’s Cheese and WHINE!

Cheese and whine

Almost one year ago a wee man came into our lives… a heavy black fur bag that was cuddly and warm. We named him Jack. Jack seems to have grown over night into a big honking ball of muscle and attitude, and whine, lots of whine…

Day one was a day of false advertising, he was calm and quiet and happy to lay about in ones lap, and enjoying all the goodness that comes with that. But it was all to change the moment the effects of his puppy needles wore off. The very next day it was very apparent that our Jack was a ball of energy that never seemed to be satiated, jumping about, chewing on things, and people, and food… oh my my, food. Every kind of food is awesome and he wants it! It made it a wee easier to train Jack, or at the very least teach him some manners. You see, Jacky boy is also extremely intelligent, he watches and listens (when he isn’t pretending he is a kangaroo and/or whining) and figures things out. He quickly figured out how to undo his crate lock, and how to open the crate door, and how to find treasures (not his treasures, more like my treasures…) and how to be really quiet doing it; IE: “Jack you still owe me a model Avro Lancaster 1944, and a book, oh and a few rugs”.


As Jack grew, so did his teeth and his sneak ability (I’m sure he inherited some of the stealth traits of his human dad, who was a Marine Corp Sniper for 13 years). When Jack was only 7 months old he out grew his crate, so we got him a big steel one, one that should have lasted him years, but nope, Jack discovered his teeth could be used for more than chewing his toys and chomping his humans. He chewed through his steel crate one night, I came in to check on him as he was too quiet and found him half in, half out through a hole he had chewed through. He had gotten himself stuck and boy was he embarrassed about it. He wouldn’t even look at me when I found him, he just laid there with a “nothing to see here, move along” expression, (I have photographic evidence!) I found it hilarious! Thank heavens we don’t need a crate for him at bed time anymore, those things are expensive and a hell of a thing to dismantle after it has been thoroughly mangled!

I canno believe that the wee little puppy (well, not so little) has grown into a big squishy meat bag who still hasn’t mentally grown into his own feet. To go from being small to being really bloody big in under a year must be downright confusing, if you really think about it, one day your able to fit under a coffee table, lay on your peeps feet comfortably, to getting stuck trying to get under that same coffee table and almost lifting it off the floor, and of course getting in trouble for it! And the feet that you so lovingly slept on became a pillow. Sadly some people have so many expectations of large dogs still in puppy age and give up on them, yes they are HUGE, but they are still babies, they canno help their DNA. My Jacky is HUGE, he may be over one year old, but to me he is still a puppy(always will be) and he has a way to go before he grows up.

Maine is a very cold place in winter, we have more snow than anyone needs and lucky for us Jack loves it. He gets so excited to go outside in the morning and if it has snowed he runs straight out into it and rolls in it, eats it, throws it all around and will enjoy himself for ages like that. He gets depressed if he has to come inside when its too cold. He doesn’t like rain though…


Jack also likes to throw tantrums, really big dramatic tantrums, if he had china dishes he’d smash them type tantrums. If he doesn’t get his way he will throw his things all over the yard, his food and water bowls, his blanket, his rug and even his kennel. Its not unusual to walk outside and find everything he owns all over the back yard. Luckily the verandah is well built or it would be all over the yard too, in pieces!

I am proud to say that Jack has many redeeming qualities, he really is a good boy, he gives the most wonderful hugs (with a big sneaky face lick) and is very protective of his humans, I love that big honking fur bag, very much so, and all the big stinky farts he does couldn’t change my mind about that (and he does paint stripping farts, that linger, for ages…) he really is very smart and I’m sure that he will mellow soon enough. We love you Jack :D

Angel ❤

Published: April 20, 2017

Stuff I have learned


  Moving to the US I have learned many things, living life is rather similar to that of Australia, one gets up, gets ready for the day, does their daily activity, comes home, has dinner, winds down and then sleep, so the cycle can begin again the next day. But there are some pretty big differences, for example watching television; everything is uniquely American, American soaps, movies, cop shows, and the list goes on, even the news is mostly American. Television in Australia is diverse, the news is world based, shows are imported from many countries, so I knew what was going on in the world just from the television, here I rely on the internet to know the worlds goings on, which is sad, the world is a big place, and not much can be learned from medication and insurance informercials, except what can cure you can kill you or make you blow up like a giant pus filled balloon!

  I have learned that people here in Maine are geniunely warm and kind, just today at the grocery store I asked my Husband what grits were, a lady nearby recognised my Aussie accent and after telling me what and how yummy grits were, asked me about Vegemite, (now people, before anyone offers you a spoonful of Vegemite, that’s NOT the way to eat it!!! There is a wonderful way to eat Vegemite, on toast with lots of butter, its delicious!) She was a sweetheart and I am going to carry a tube of Vegemite with me in case I ever have the pleasure of meeting her again. She may or may not thank me though, Vegemite is an aquired taste and not many people I know like it, my Husband (who is American) thinks its disgusting.

  I lived for 6 years in a small town in Australia and never felt welcome, I was always referred to as a “blow in” and it made life difficult. It was one of those towns where everyone knew what they thought was everybodys business, even listening to rumour as fact, it was a very depressing place, and just so you dont accidentaly find yourself there, I wont mention the name. Youre welcome. The small town I live in now is home, and feels like home, I have only been here 18 months and I already feel like part of the fabric, which is very important I believe. Im sure there are the usual gossips and what not, but I have not heard anything bad or incriminating, which is a relief… moving is not something I enjoy or wish to entertain for at least another 100 years.

 I do however have problems with the American version of the english language, sometimes… but some people apparently enjoy my accent so I get asked to repeat myself quite a bit. I have also learnt that some words used in Australia are not so popular here… “Twat”, sometimes used as a lesser insult (to the now common “C” word), well, always used as an insult in Aus, here I found it to be horribly frowned upon, and a fanny for example is ones rear end here, in Aus its, um, the front area that is referred to as a va jay jay, cooter or “giggle” bug… crikey! Oh, and I am always being asked to recite “The dingo took my baby”…. Its amazing how two English speaking countries could have such vast differences, but I’m catching on, its still funny when I refer to the gas station as the servo! Oh, and our real estate guy, Dan, a fabulous guy I must add got a real kick out of my need for a petrol powered whipper snipper, feel free to look that one up on the internets :D

  One really big thing here is the conversion of everything, its like a whole new language, inches, farenheit, yards, pounds et al. I found that it really doesnt matter, the roads have speed limit signs to match the gauges on the dashboard, stoves have the temps written to match the recipes, but if someone asks me a question about distance… errrr, wha? I become a babbling dunderhead… Even my son has grasped the concepts here, but me, um, well, its going to take me a wee while longer.

  When people found out I was coming here I was met with gasps, looks of terror and the usual OMG why? I got the whole “but people shoot each other and rob each other, and OMG, its scary… Let me tell you something, I have never felt safer in my life here, what you see on TV and the movies is just that, stuff. Yes there is crime, but here people look out for one another. The sense of belonging and patriotism is thoroughly woven into the very blood of the people and its pretty obvious that there is pride in their state and nation. Dont get me wrong, there are some very patriotic people in Australia, and under adverse situations people come together to help one another, but from my experience the day to day stuff is very each to their own mentality. Australia is very much a mans country, women are not as revered as they are here in the States… But this is a whole different topic for next time.

Love to all
Angel ❤

Published: March 14, 2017